Episode 064 “Getting Social On The Moon”


It’s all about social media changes this week as Twitter adds new features, Vero goes True Social and there may soon be 4G coverage on the moon! Plus Streaming services may be in trouble and Jason time travels to 2013!


Twitter finally added it’s most requested feature

As a Twitter user it’s long been frustrating that there wasn’t an easy way to save a tweet/link for later reading from within the app. That wait appears to be over as Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Bookmarks. It will finally allow you to save those interesting tweets/links for later consumption in an efficient in app manner. No more trying to direct message yourself the links you wanted to save!


Are Streaming Music Services About To Go Extinct?

These may be golden years for streaming digital music, so enjoy it while it lasts.  Hundreds of millions of listeners have made the leap to streaming, abandoning CDs and downloads for free and monthly subscription services like Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. But the business has been treacherous, at least when it comes to turning a profit. The latest reminder: Spotify’s filing for U.S. shares, which detailed how big payouts to music labels have made it tough to turn its 71 million subscribers into a profitable concern. Late last week, Internet radio station iHeartRadio moved closer to bankruptcy, according to two reports.


Vero – True Social App

Everyone seems to be jumping onboard this new social media app that is claiming to be the answer to the frustration with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter algorithms. It’s still in Beta stage, so bugs are a normal occurence, but there is now some speculation regarding the security of the app causing concern among many early adopters.


4G cellular coverage on the moon

While many people across the world that live in rural areas don’t have cell access at home, Space X and Vodaphone plan to take the first steps towards installing 4G cellular networks on the surface of the moon.


It’s 2013 for Jason!

No he didn’t travel back in time to stop his future killer, Jason finally upgraded his Playstation 3 to a 4!  Why now? (Discussion)  Also, he just ordered a 4K television but only got a regular PS4 … is he stupid!


Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

We almost lost Silent Bob

If you hadn’t already heard, filmmaker Kevin Smith suffered a massive heartattack after a live show and was rushed to the hospital. Turns out he had 100% blockage of ‘The Widowmaker’ artery and emergency surgery was done. Thankfully it seems a full recovery is expected and he thanked his fans and Chris Pratt in an video you can see here.



Weekly Garnish:

Art of Mondo

Indie Wire Art of Mondo Gallery


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