Episode 058 Does Nintendo Need a Labo-tomy?”


The soup mix this week includes Amazon’s new checkout-free stores, the Nintendo Labo cardboard kit extravaganza, Tomb’s are getting raided, and much more!  Settle in because the digitalSoup is on!


Dundee Trailer


Amazon Go : Full Steam Ahead

Amazon opened the doors on its first unmanned store with great success which now drives fear looking ahead.


Apple to allow users to turn off Intentional Battery Slowdown

Based on a report with The Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that in an update coming in February they will be rolling out a feature that allows users to turn off the intentional battery slow down with their iPhones. The update will also give ultra transparent info about your device’s battery health, a move unprecedented in the mobile phone space.


Nintendo Labo

In what can only be considered a strange move, Nintendo has announced plans for an interactive maker kit for the Switch. Being dubbed by TechCrunch as a next level LEGO kit that you DIY build robots, pianos, and even fishing rods that then interact with your Switch game system. Is $70 worth it for essentially a DIY cardboard kit?


10 Great alternatives to the Nintendo Labo


Microsoft Is Taking The Fight Right To Google With $189 Windows 10 S Laptops!

With nobody to challenge Google in the low cost, walled garden systems they have been able to corner the educational and business market with their Chromebooks.  Lenovo has come to Microsoft’s rescue with the Lenovo 100e laptop, a $189 Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 S laptop.  


Vudu and Apple Communication Mixup

Oops! VUDU releases Thor Ragnarok a month before it was supposed to!


YouTube’s new policies still failing

When the S**T hit the fan with Logan Paul and other “celebrity” YouTubers, the company vowed to put new policies in place to help avoid these types of videos being shown on their platform. It seems those new policies don’t actually impact the big name YouTubers, rather they seem to eliminate monetization for more and more small creators.

WWE RAW Celebrates 25 years!

A big milestone for wrestling fans, WWE RAW is set to celebrate a 25th Anniversary! Are they thinking it’s time for a change? What are some of your favorite moments from RAW?

Top 25 WWE RAW Moments


New Tomb Raider trailer out and it’s awesome!

Could it be a successful reboot for a change?


TV Re-Boot and Spin-Off Land

With the news of The Continental landing on Starz, it seems like there are quite a few shows set for the old small screen re-boot or spin-off treatment.



As a Vikings fan would you rather lose the close game against the Saints or lose in a blowout one game away from the Super Bowl against the Eagles?


Weekly Garnish: (Adam have your bass ready!!!!)

PC Part Picker

Are you an experienced system builder or maybe you are thinking of trying to build a PC for the first time?  Well PC Part Picker can help you make the right decisions.  Will the wide variety of CPU sockets and chipsets you need to make sure what you are ordering will even work together and this website helps you out.  There are preconfigured builds you can order or you can try your hand at picking parts yourself.  Choose a CPU and when you click on Motherboards only ones compatible with that CPU will be displayed.  Click on the component for full specs on it along with reviews on that specific part.  A great site for any level of system builder!

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