Episode 054 “Apple Slowing Phones, And Gear That Totally Owns!”


It’s the final episode of 2017 from digitalSoup! From AmazonTube possibly battling YouTube, some great lists about the worst passwords of 2017 AND the coolest gadgets of 2017 and of course the uproar over Apple slowing down phones on it’s users. Plus, this week we have a fantastic Weekly Garnish for you over at AnthonyAwaken.com, one of the most beautiful photography and outdoor adventure gear websites you’ll find! We wish all of our Souper Friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, be safe, enjoy family and we’ll see you next year with more digitalSoup greatness! —-more—-

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AmazonTube Coming Soon

With the battle between YouTube and Amazon heating up will there finally be a competitor to the YouTube giant?


The Worst Passwords of 2017 Include ‘password,’ ‘123456,’ and ‘starwars’

Every year, SplashData puts together a list of the most popular (and therefore worst) passwords that appeared in this year’s leaks. For 2017, “password” is still near the top along with various strings of numbers. Disney’s marketing department will be happy to know “starwars” popped up on the list this time, too.


New Handheld Windows PC Launches in April, Can Play GTA V

The best portable Windows gaming console is getting a huge upgrade and can now play Grand Theft Auto 5 perfectly.   Want to work on your Excel spreadsheet and play Battlefront II on the go then you need to check out the crowd funded system GPD Win 2!


Apple Admits to Slowing Down iPhones

Apple has admitted to intentionally slowing down older phones in the name of saving the battery. Due diligence or crafty upgrade nudging?


One App to Rule them all

Apple may be looking to make some changes to the App-mosphere and allow for just a single app to be used across all of it’s devices.


digitalSoup’s Dis or Dat
Would you rather have a lightsaber or a magic wand?


What were the coolest gadgets of 2017?

It was a huge year for fans of tech and geeks alike and we thought it would be fun to talk about some of our favorites along with a fun list from Gizmodo.


Beware of those new Christmas Gifts

With all the new fun gadgets under your tree, don’t forget about security!  Now that everything under the sun is connected to the internet, buyer beware!



Bright 2

You heard that right! Days ahead of Will Smith’s new movie, Bright, Netflix announced they’ve locked him in for the sequel. Apparently this movie better be awesome! WAIT! PUMP THE BRAKES! Based off early reviews, this is being dubbed “The Worst Movie of 2017”




Weekly Garnish
A terrific site run by Anthony who is a “Photographer, Field Tester and Content Creator”. Great mix of fantastic photography, excellent reviews of all sorts of gear including photographic and outdoors gear, and great prints for sale at some extremely reasonable prices!


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