Episode 051 “Infinity War, Nintendo Cereal and Electric Material”


In an episode filled with innuendo and hilarity, the guys have fun discussing a new organic material that generates its own electricity, Nintendo continues to win the current gaming system wars with a console that is JUUUUST good enough and then they come up with an amiibo based cereal that you can both eat and use to unlock bonuses in game. The episode wraps with some great movie news including the Hellboy Reboot with David Harbour and of course the new Avengers : Infinity War trailer drops and the world rejoiced! We dare you not to laugh during this one!


Weekly Riddle:

In a foot race, Jerry was neither first nor last.  Janet beat Jerry, Jerry beat Pat.  Charlie was neither first nor last.  Charlie beat Rachel. Pat beat Charlie. Who finished last?

**Be sure to send in your riddle answers to jason@digitalsouppodcast.com and don’t be shy, send in that audio so we can hear more of our amazing Souper Friends!


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Hey look! Microsoft brought the Edge browser to iOS and Android.

Is this a worthwhile addition to your mobile device or just another place for more people to ignore the successor to the Internet Explorer?


RIP 2011 Mac Mini
Apple has made it official. They’ve deemed the 2011 Mac Mini to be “Obsolete”. Though the Mac Mini is still listed on the product road map for the future, things aren’t looking good for those Mac Mini fans.


New organic material that generates electricity

So those silly scientists are at it again, this time it’s Swiss Scientists from EMPA, that have created a new organic material that generates it’s own electricity when stretched and compressed. This is fueling speculation on it’s possible medical uses but also concern over if we are seeing a natural transition for humans becoming cyborgs.


The Switch, good enough equals winning

With subpar graphics and lesser tech than it’s biggest rivals from Sony and Microsoft, is the Nintendo Switch winning by being just good enough?



Nintendo ups the lootbox game with real world upgrades
So in a truly “Are you for real?” move, Nintendo is announcing a new cereal that looks an awful lot like Lucky Charms. It’s called simply “Super Mario Cereal” and hits shelves Dec. 11th. But what’s crazy is that the box the cereal comes in is NFC enabled and if Switch/Super Mario Odessey players tap the cereal box on their console it will unlock some minor loot in game, like extra coins or hearts.


Marvel Studio’s  Avengers : Infinity War Official Trailer Drops…Jaws Around the World.

Let’s be honest, this looks incredibly insane. So good but could be almost too much to take in with ALL of those heroes on screen. But three things stand out in this trailer. #1) Chris Pratt’s `Stache is killing it at the end of the trailer, #2) Cap’s beard is being talked about a crazy amount all over the internet so it seems it should be called Avengers: Facial Hair War instead. #3) Adam makes a good point, #whereisHawkeye?

The Rated R Hellboy Reboot gets a release date!

Mark your calendars, Jan.11th, 2019 will see the Rated R reboot of the popular franchise starring David Harbour of Stranger Things fame. The first photos of the character look pretty amazing.


Sharing Things

This Sesame Street parody of Stranger Things is absolutely brilliant.


The Weekly Garnish

Meet “Furlexa”

See what happens when you mix a Furby toy with Alexa from Amazon.



Check out this awesome video from Dustin Farrell, a Director of Photography, in which he puts together sweet slow motion lighting storms. Check out more of his work at http://dfvc.com/ , including links to his social media. Well worth the watch.


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