Episode 039 “Sextortion, Online Security and South Park”


Adam brings some great topics on Kaspersky getting booted to the curb and some new password guidelines followed up by a fantastic listener call about being a victim of sextortion. It’s a heavy call but we follow it up with a lot of fun chatting about the new iPhone news, NES classic re-release and South Park messes with Alexa. Plus don’t forget to check out the Hurricane Harvey Victims – Podcast Pack to help raise money and score a bonus exclusive episode of digitalSoup you won’t hear anywhere else! The link is below in the show notes!

Weekly Riddle:

I am a five letter word and I am a fruit. Take the first letter out and I am a crime, take out the first and second letter and I am an animal, take out the first and last letter and I am a type of music. What am I?

Answer at the end of the episode!


Federal Government Boots Kaspersky to the Curb

The Department of Homeland Security has officially banned Kaspersky from being used in Federal agencies effective immediately, citing security concerns over the company’s possible ties to the Russian government.  Federal agencies have 30 days to identify any Kaspersky products in use, 60 days to come up with a plan to remove and replace the products, and 90 days to implement.  They want this out fast!


NIST (United States National Institute for Standards and Technology) Password Recommendations Changing

Interesting new recommendations could actually make passwords stronger…. And EASIER to remember! https://lastpass.com/howsecure.php


Sextortion – Listener voice mail
Be careful out there on the internet!


If you believe you’re a victim of sextortion, or know someone else who is, call your local FBI office or toll-free at 1-800-CALL-FBI.


Hurrican Harvey Victims – Podcast Pack

Everyone who pledges $10 to this campaign will receive a link to download the pack, which contains exclusive episodes from 48 shows, and proceeds go to help Hurrican Harvey Victims. Great cause that digitalSoup is thrilled to be a part of.


iPhone 8 bleh … bring on iPhone X! (X or 10?)

Apple steals it’s own thunder from the iPhone 8 by announcing the iPhone X (10?).  Lots of great features, some standouts:  FaceID, 64-bit 6-Cores, Animojis, 5.8” Super Retina Display OLED, Augmented Reality, dual 12MP cameras


Nintendo re-releasing NES Classic Edition in summer 2018!

Many sites are reporting that Nintendo has heard the cries of the people and will be re-releasing the NES Classic Console during the summer of 2018.  Good news for those who missed out the first time but does that mean we WON’T be seeing an N64 Classic Edition next year?!?

AtGames Portable Gaming Consoles

With the popularity of the mini SNES and NES classic, the AtGames company may have another inexpensive solution to your classic gaming needs!


South Park Alexa fun!

In their own fun way, the cast of South Park reminds us that we maybe shouldn’t have our Amazon Echo devices too close to the TV!

The Weekly Garnish


My Study Life

Since school is back in full swing we have a great app for you to check out to help keep track of your classes, assignments, tasks and more!

Music Credit

Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.


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