Episode 038 “Equifax or Equihacks…AMIRIGHT?!”


Has Equifax hung it’s customers out to dry with the recent hack? Nintendo urges customers not to overpay for Mini SNES Classic, do you believe them? iPhones shooting covers for TIME magazine, say what now? Will Facebook make a move to become the next Netflix? The guys talk about all of this and a whole bunch more so pull up a chair join in this week’s digitalSoup conversation!

Weekly Riddle:

Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it, Five in the middle is seen; First of all figures, the first of all letters, Take up their stations between. Join all together, and then you will bring before you the name of an eminent king.
Answer at the end of the episode!


Massive hack of Equifax Leaves millions at risk
In July the huge credit agency was hacked, with millions of people having their social security numbers, addresses, possible credit card info and more exposed. Why is it just being reported now in September? With controversy swirling, what are the real risks and implications for the general public.


The Solar Eclipse … A Serial Killer Of Lenses!

Lens Rentals posted images of all their lenses they rented out to customers who decided to take pictures of the solar eclipse and returned the equipment destroyed.  Don’t forget, digitalSoup warned you about this!


Photographer Shoots 12 covers for TIME Magazine…on an iPhone

Interesting article about TIME magazine commissioned photographer Luisa Dorr to make portraits of 46 women who are changing the world. Does this mean we should all abandon our real cameras for those on our mobile phones?


Nintendo Urges us not to overpay

Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, has spoken in an interview with The Financial Times recently and stated that Nintendo did not manipulate the pre-orders of the Mini SNES Classic. In the same interview he urged customers not to pay anymore than the $80 asking price when buying from an auction site because they will have plenty of supply when the game console hits the shelves. Do we believe him or is this just Nintendo trying to put out the flames from angry customers that are giving up on even caring about Nintendo?

Rockstar Games updating LA Noire

This November this classic 1940’s era detective game will get a facelift and re-release on new consoles. What do you guys remember of this game?



If you watch a lot of movies could this be the way to go? At $10/month is this the way theaters will try to combat the streaming services like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon and all the rest?


Wonder Woman 2 director is now officially locked

As expected, Patty Jenkins has been locked in to direct the sequel to this summer’s box office smash hit. Was there really any question?


Facebook the new Netflix?

With more and more hints dropping that Facebook is wanting to get into the original video content game, think of how they replaced the “Videos” button with the “Watch” tab, a recent Wall Street Journal article claims Facebook may be willing to invest as much as $1 Billion into a push for original video content to rival Netflix and Amazon. The real question is, does anyone really want it?


The ‘Revengers’

The latest trailer, a TV spot, for Thor:Ragnarok has dropped and we get a new name for the team of Hulk, Thor, Loki and Valkyrie.


The Weekly Garnish 

iHome iBT12SC Rechargeable Flask Shaped Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Great little bluetooth speaker to use on the go. Usually Dave picked one up recently, listen in to hear what he has to say about it! Click the link above if you want to grab one for yourself!

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Intro Background Music: The Run by Kai Engel. licensed under an Attribution License.


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