Eric was born on Star Wars and has since evolved into the ultimate film watcher. He watches classics, indies, documentaries, and even chick flicks on top of all the usual male-oriented choices.

His super power is being able to appreciate the artsy stuff while being able to appreciate and even love most of the mainstream stuff to (he'll even defend Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter).

Podcasts: Arthouse Legends

Jonolobster ( is a geek of all trades and master of none.

Arthouse Legends is his first full-time podcast.

Podcasts: Arthouse Legends and Gotham

Kent is old enough to remember when something looked awesome but had no idea why. This is his first full-time podcast but not first "child" as he already has a daughter that takes up way too much of his time dragging him to Hogwarts or The Shire.
He may or may not be a Dalek plan to influence human movie viewing.

Podcasts: Arthouse Legends

Arthouse Legends – Arthouse Rejects: David Lynch’s Dune


For nearly 20 years after Frank Herbert’s epic space saga Dune reached bookshelves, talks of making a film version had been in the wind. But it would ultimately fall to powerhouse producer Dino DeLarentiis to get the project completed with up-and-coming cinema visionary David Lynch. After rumblings of dissatisfaction on the set and between director and producer, Lynch’s vision of the battle for Arrakis hit the big screen – where it failed to recoup its estimated $40 million budget. The resulting onslaught of hate from fans and critics alike would drive Lynch away from big budget film¬†productions for good. But does this film deserve to be eaten by monster worms or could this film be the best possible vision of Herbert’s novel? MovieDude Eric, Kent, and Jonolobster awaken the sleeper to find out.

Co-Host of Legends Podcast and Crimson Comet. Tweet me @Jonolobster

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