Jedi, gamer, Ravenclaw, Whovian, and big damn hero. Jay grew up on a diet of Star Wars and Atari, so geekdom was a foregone conclussion. Now a family man, he spends most of his free time playing video games and turning his children into grade A geeklings.

While it says "Professional Whovian" on his business cards, there are few areas of geekdom that don't appeal to Jay. He brags about reading 3-4 books per week (yay audio books and a mindless job) and is always up to checking out the "new shiny" in the nerd world. He is currently pursuing his degree in video game design and development and his proudest achievement is getting put on a chocolate frog card.

Podcasts: Gallifrey Public Radio and The Starling Tribune

The only reason Keir Hansen really wants the ability to time travel is to be able to get to all the content the geek community creates in a single day. A web dork and hack pixel-pusher by day, all spare hours are devoted to absorbing film and television, reading and writing sci-fi, a smattering of gaming, unlicensed attempts at mixology, culinary adventures, and novice cat wrangling.
He was once accused of being a "Jack of all trades", but that sounded too much like actual work, and the accuser has since been sacked. His particular passions include Whovianism (classic and new), the complete works of Douglas Adams, and anyone who offers a free sample of wine and/or chocolate, even when unmarked white vans are involved. (It's okay. He can run really quickly.)

Podcasts: Gallifrey Public Radio

Haley (known in some circles as AwsmEngrGrl) was born, raised, and educated in the flyover states of America.
She's been a fan of scifi and fantasy tv, books, and movies from a young age, and recently started reading all of the Marvel comics starting with Fantastic Four #1. All of them.

Podcasts: Gallifrey Public Radio and Legends of SHIELD

Series 9: What We Know So Far


With the expected launch of Series 9 only two to three months away, the news has been coming in quickly. Directors, writers, episode titles and synopses, guest stars, and on and on. It’s like getting daily hints as to what one’s Christmas present really is. It can get a bit overwhelming at times to process it all. But fear not –help is here!

This week, we compile all we know to date about Doctor Who Series 9, and share it with you in one simple, easy to digest pill…er, podcast. Listen in as we get you up to speed on all the latest breaking news about the 12th Doctor’s sophomore season, and the final adventures through space and time with Clara Oswald.

News Links:

DW Producer Deletes Tweet Potentially Leaking S9 Air Date
A Lovely Interview with Peter Davison
Rigsy Returns for Series 9
Capaldi Rocks Out
L.I. Who guest news

Excessive talker on @InDefenseCast and @GallifreyRadio as well as numerous @GonnaGeek network guest appearances. Love child of Peter Pan and Pollyanna. ?

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