Aimee (@Kirokai on Twitter) is the co-host of Legendary Horror Theater and also host of her own show. She loves all things geeky; loves crafting and cosplaying her favorite characters; excels at procrastination; has a deep infatuation with Benedict Cumberbatch; and has a hard time pronouncing the word 'relevant'. Her brain is a scary place to live. Trust me, I know. She is also the lone woman on the Legends Podcast Network, but she suspects that John D swings both ways (Go, Vaginas!).

Janitorbob, the once and future king of Nowhere, Ohio. He was left on this planet by well meaning but naive aliens many years ago. After hatching from his pod he was raised by pygmy marmosets and learned their beautiful and mysterious ways. When he reached maturity he traveled the world and settled in a small town in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Here he discovered a crack in reality that leaks crazy into the world. Appointing himself its guardian he spends his nights watching over it. There he will remain, ever vigilant, until the inevitable heat death of the universe. All of the above is completely and totally factual and not a bold faced lie thinly veiling his own insecurities.

John D was born in the wood of french-Canarnia. Growing up in the city he studied movie making, art and literature. His venture into podcasting started in 2010 with Legends an Action Movie Podcast when John D and his friend Frank sat down to watch a series of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and recorded their conversation.

John D produced Legends Podcast since it's inception and soon started producing other show including Comic Book Legends, Legendary Horror Theater and act as executive producer for Arthouse Legends.

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  1. Avatar peter van ettinger says:

    love your show. wish you did them more often, I am pretty sure your stories are true because I worked a year and a half on grave yard at a gas station and in that year I have about 5-6 strange stories that I could tell, I am sure that there are others that have strange stories at gas stations on the grave yard shift. for some reason all the weird stuff happens between 2 am and 4 am. if you are having a hard time coming up with material you should ask for some stories from your listeners.

    one of the weird things that happen to me was that I worked with an ex member still true beliver in the branch davidean cult, and years before every thing went down with the cult she would go on and on about david coresh and how evil he was. she told me that he was going to be killed by the government in a hail of gunfire. this was 3-4 years befor this happen

    of course there was the time thatb I had the nude ladie come into my store in the middle of a hail storm informing me that the sky was falling

    hen there was the time one of my customers almost blew himself up by tring to reapair his gas tank on his car with liquid weld

    or the time I was shot at because I would not sell alcohol after 2 an in the morning to under age kids

    then there is the story about my boss who was hired to run the gas station but everyone from his boss up knew that he was only going to work there a year and then go on to to corpret office to become there boss Becouse he cam from a Extreamly wealthu background and his dady was the president of one corperation and a business friend of his was pressident of the company he was working at so the business friend would pave the way for him to advance in the company and the other corporate big wig would do the same for the other ones sun.. this way they could skirtn the nepotism rules in both companies.

    I have a lot of stories

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