iOS7 Rumored to Bring Offline Dictation

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Most geeks won’t be surprised to hear that although Apple has announced the feature set with iOS7, beta testers are reporting clues that more features are to be announced.

Twitter user Hamza Sood reportedly discovered a string of code within the beta that indicates Apple may be trying an offline version of their Dictation feature of the phone. Many users don’t realize it but Siri currently requires an internet connection to operate, essentially shipping your command off the cloud to get it converted into text by Apple servers.

If Apple was to implement an offline version of Siri it would allow dictation to happen much quicker than the current model. With that said though, techies everywhere can’t help but wonder how much battery would an offline version use.

Is this all random speculation or a solid clue to the future of iOS7? Time will tell.

Stephen is a west coast Canadian who enjoys pretty much all things geeky. Whether it's podcasting, playing with tech or just watching a great re-run of Star Trek, Stephen is probably interested in it. Gonna Geek is the brain child of Stephen. You see, for years he has helped run the Fanboy Buzz comic book website; however, sometimes he found himself needing to talk more than just comics... that's why he created Gonna Geek.

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